First Post for ALL

Hi there, welcome to my personal website. This is my first time to create a website and it doesn’t seem so hard with the help of Hugo Theme and I am using this webiste mainly for tracking of my own research progress and moreover, to help me connect it to others. Currently, I have made it bi-lingual and for a student doing NLP, it’s possible to make it multi-lingual but I will leave it to Google Translate.

I have just stepped in my second year of research and unfortunately, I had no publication yet. For a student who directly jumped into PhD from his bachelor’s degreee, it’s quite challenging to adapt to the academic world and I am on track for that. In the following posts, I will try to share more news around me and introduce some people around me. The main purpose is to help anyone who is intersted in research to know more about NUS, my research group and myself.