People working with me

This post is mainly used to note down the people who are working with me and it’s good to help anyone how wanna connect to them from me! Names shown in descending order when I met them for the first time. I got this idea from my lab mate yisong to record the people around me.

Ojasv Kamal

Final year undergrate intern from ‘Indian Institute of Technology’ under Wing’s Group; First intern under my mentorship; Co-supported by WING RECSYS Subgroup

Han Jiatong

Urop student under Wing’s Group; First undergraduate student under my advisory; Co-advised with my lab mate Lu Xinyuan

Dr. Zhang Yan

PostDoc in HLT Lab; my mentor in HLT lab; Help me with DST and Slot Filling related work

Hu Hengchang

PhD Candidate; my senior under Wing’s Group; Leader of RECSYS Subgroup; Help guide me when I was in year 1 of my PhD Journey

Prof Kan Min-Yen

Associate Professor in CS, SOC, NUS; my main supervisor under NGS scholarship; Advisor in Recommendation System

Prof Li HaiZhou

Full Professor in ECE, NUS; my supervisor in NLP